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Welcome to SEAT ~ the SouthEastern Association of Trailriders! 


Check Trail News page for recent article about Northwest River Park. Comments on the article are appreciated!

SEAT Ride and Campout at Tidewater Horse Trail
April 1st ~ details in the works!

Join us at our next SEAT meeting
Monday, April 3rd at Pop's Diner in Chesapeake.

THANK YOU to all those that helped at our SEAT work day at Northwest River Park in February!!

Check Rides and Events page for contact info and details on upcoming events and rides! 

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Thank you to everyone who supported our Poker Ride Sunday, December 13, 2015 at Tidewater Horse Trail in Ivor!  Thanks to the great weather, we had record turnout and fun was had by all!  Thank you to all the volunteers who made this ride happen.  Team effort and with all of you it spreads the work load. THANK YOU!!!


Thank you to members of SEAT and Dragon Run Saddle Club for a successful work day at Beaverdam Park November 14th, 2015! 


Thank you to all SEAT members that helped and participated at our work day in November at Northwest River Park in Chesapeake!!  We started our bridge project to help prevent slipping on bridges, performed routine trail maintenance clearing trails and bridges, and trimming limbs.  We enjoyed a scrumptous potluck on a chilly sunny afternoon followed by great participation in our SEAT parade practice and enjoyable trail rides throughout the park!  Members prepped for our rides in Norfolk's Grand Illumination Parade and Chesapeake's Rotary Christmas Parade.  Thank you to Kevin Kaul at NWRP in supplying wood for our bridges and those members who helped with obtaining materials, brought tools, and performed the work.  Your assistance was greatly appreciated!! 


Members enjoyed our Trailer Rodeo at Northwest River Park in July!  Many thanks to Mark and Casey Shackleford, Herb and Jill Browne, and Karen Tinker for all your help, tips, and allowing us to drive your truck and trailers to practice!  Thank you also to Ron Macon for giving your tips and advice at our SEAT meeting to prep us for our Trailer Rodeo!


Members ~ we'd love to keep some of our pictures current on our website!  If you have any pictures you would like to share that we can post, please email them to


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Happy Trails!  :)